Delicious Patacones: a perfect snack on its own, or with cheese, or as a side dish for just about anything you fancy eating.

Patacones: a perfect snack on their own, with cheese, or as a tasty side dish for any meal.

The simple things in life are usually the best things in life. And even though they look a bit like precious gold coins, patacones – made from green plantains – could not be more simple; cut bananas, cook bananas, squash bananas, cook bananas, eat bananas. Delicious! Just so there is no misunderstanding, patacones are not a “health food”. They’re deep fried. Twice.

Creamy golden patacones are a perfect snack just on their own, with slices of fresh farm cheese on top – add it just when you take them out of the oil and it melts a little on top, or use your freshly fried patacones as a tasty side dish for any meal – I always replace the “chips” from fish and chips and put a stack of patacones on the plate instead. After my first bite of patacones, I never went back to potato chips again! For flavor and texture, as well as presentation, they win hands down.

Patacones Recipe:

1 large or 2 small green plantain bananas per person
Oil for deep frying
Sea salt

Peel each banana and cut it into 3cm lengths. Deep fry the pieces until they’re cooked through. Drain the banana pieces, but don’t turn off the oil.

Stand each piece on its end. Using the bottom of a drinking glass, press down on top of the banana pieces until they’re slightly flattened. They’ll be more or less like a rough circle shape.

Put them back into the hot oil and cook them again for 3-4 minutes. Drain and toss them with salt. Serve with slices of farm cheese for a great snack, or on the side with soups and main dishes.

Buen Provecho


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