Banana Fries

Banana Fries

There are days when you just want a simple snack. It doesn’t even have to be healthy, just tasty. One of my favorite salty snacks, aside from Chili Popcorn, is Banana Fries. I also make my own fresh tomato sauce and sweet chili sauce to put on them, so the whole experience is still organic, even if I am eating fried food. It’s fried in olive oil, if that is any consolation to those die-hard anti-fry people…. Besides, it’s not fat that makes us fat… It’s sugar… And I can guarantee these fries are sugar free. While green bananas are high in starch, their sugar-factor doesn’t start kicking in until they begin to ripen.

For my Banana Fries, I use all kinds of green bananas; Plaintains, Cavendish, Purple Bananas and even Lady Fingers – all organic. I like them good and green, with not even a hint of yellow on them. When you peel these, rub some oil on your hands and avoid getting the sap on your clothes. The sap in green bananas will stick to your hands and does not wash off in water – but can be removed with oil, and if it drips onto your shirt, it will make a black stain that will NEVER come out. Believe me, you have no idea how many shirts I have ruined harvesting bananas! So, with that in mind, be careful while you’re peeling, but enjoy the rest of the cooking process and I swear once you have tried Banana Fries you will never eat Potato Fries again! The flavor is so amazing you’ll be going back for more, and more, and more….

Banana Fries Recipe:

1-2 large green bananas per person
olive oil for shallow frying

Quarter the bananas and cut them in half lengthwise. You will have eight pieces per banana. Heat the oil and fry the banana pieces until they are crispy. Sprinkle salt over chips and serve with fresh tomato sauce and sweet chili sauce.

Buen Provecho!

If you’re in Ecuador and are interested in Traditional Cooking Classes, get in touch!


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