grilled banana salad

Grilled Banana Salad

There are plenty of lovely sunny days when I work hard in the garden and when it comes to taking a lunch break, I just want something quick and simple to eat so that I can get back to my harvesting, shoveling, weeding and transplanting as soon as possible. A good hearty salad is a perfect lunch, both balanced and filling. With so many delicious combinations of fresh organic ingredients available in my garden, it’s not difficult to pick a few and toss them in a salad bowl with a simple lime and olive oil dressing.

My banana addiction stretches far and wide and includes putting bananas in salads. Green salads or fruit salads, it makes no difference to me. If there’s a banana in it, I’m a happy monkey. In this case, the banana is a green plantain; it’s a green Barraganete to be specific. Like many of my fresh salad ingredients, it also came from one of the trees in the garden. It’s peeled and halved, grilled in a covered pan until cooked through, then chopped up chunky before being tossed with the avocados and tomatoes.

Fresh herbs are also a main ingredient in my salads; tree mint, jungle oregano, wild cilantro and basil are the ones I use most commonly (See photos of my herbs below). They’re also the herbs that grow most prolifically around my place. Fresh herbs that are picked and eaten within minutes contain the most wonderful flavors and the highest levels of nutrients, adding something special to the mild flavor of iceberg lettuce. I love my fresh garden salads with a tasty twist. I hope you love them too! As for how much salad to make, I will leave quantities of ingredients to your discretion.

Grilled Banana Salad Recipe:

Plantain banana, halved and grilled
Cherry Tomato
Boiled egg (optional)
Wild cilantro
Jungle oregano
Tree mint
Lime juice
Olive Oil
Sea salt

Tear the lettuce leaves and place in a bowl. Chop the cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, and grilled banana. Quarter the boiled egg and add everything to the lettuce.

Chop the herbs roughly and toss over the top of the fruits and vegetables, then add the lime juice, olive oil and sea salt. Toss together and serve immediately.

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